4 ways to boost referrals from your employees



Employee referrals have rapidly become one of the most valuable ways of gaining quality talent for companies, with an influx of employee referral programs being introduced within the workplace. The benefits of an employee referral program can include:

  • A referred candidate is more likely to be a quality hire
  • A referred candidate may not be actively seeking a new role, so may be elusive talent
  • A referred candidate is usually faster to hire than a traditional candidate
  • A referred candidate is cheaper to hire than a traditional candidate
  • A referred candidate dropout rate is miniscule

But sometimes actually gaining these referrals from employees can be the tricky part. If the quantity of employee referrals being made are a bit disappointing to say the least, it is likely there is good reason behind it. Here’s how to boost those referrals and encourage your employees to get involved in your company’s recruitment process.

  1. Ensure that referring is an easy process

It’s no use having a referral program if the process is difficult, complicated or confusing. Your colleagues are busy individuals, so making a referral needs to be as straightforward and as quick as can be. Make sure the instructions for referring are clear, bullet-pointed and are easy to find. If referrals are submitted online or using software, ensure that the user-journey flows and is simple to follow. Use latest developments in technology to get referrals from your employee’s secondary contacts.

  1. Market your referral program

One of the easiest ways to miss out on those referrals is by having a referral program that nobody knows about. Ensure that everyone in the office is aware of the program and how it works by all means possible. This can include putting up posters around the office, mentioning the program in email newsletters (along with success stories and rewards) and mentioning relevant positions in meetings to name just a few methods of getting the word out. Use candidate referral platforms which use latest technology to reach maximum candidates with similar skills.

  1. Ensure that employees are positive ambassadors of the company

Employees simply aren’t going to recommend their company to a friend if they are unhappy working there themselves. Making the workplace a happy and positive environment needs to be a priority, especially if there seems to be an issue. As well as missing out on talented referrals from colleagues, a negative workplace environment poses much more serious issues such as an uninspired and unmotivated workforce and a lower rate of employee retention.

  1. Offer competitive rewards and recognition

One of the main perks of an employee referral program is that those who successfully refer someone gain a promising reward. Many companies offer financial rewards, or even experiences, such as a short trip or an exciting activity, but it’s also important to thank and recognize the employee’s success more publicly. This can be via an email newsletter, or a mention in a meeting for example and is bound to make the employee feel more appreciated and will encourage the rest of the team to make their own referrals.

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