When you are job hunting, remember that you must win the favor of one or more employers. You must make them feel and believe you are the safest and best person they can hire. To do that, you need to focus on how employers evaluate candidates.

Many job hunters feel that “good jobs are hard to find.” Many employers, however, feel that “good people are hard to f ind.” It often takes employers two months, sometimes six months or more, to fill key jobs, particularly when unemployment is low and there’s strong competition in the hiring market for people with good skills. Companies
and recruiters can accelerate the recruiting process considerably by using the Internet, scanners, and computer screening to accumulate a much larger pool of candidates than before. Electronic transmission and storage of most marketable resumes enables employers to process high numbers of applicants by storing the applications directly in their database. At job fairs employers are often deluged with candidates, but few are the kind of candidate that the employer is seeking: job hunters with the strong specialized skills that the employer needs.

A surprisingly large number of jobs advertised in such places as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the National Ad Search Weekly are unfilled after three or four months, in spite of the fact that there are quite a few qualified candidates. Locating candidates, evaluating them through their resumes and then through interviews,
getting the necessary people to agree on the hiring decision, and negotiating the compensation package can be complex and slow. Good people can be hard to find!

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