Active Search for Executives

Executive search starts with name generation—you’re looking for your candidate, or anyone who may know your candidate. As soon as you have names, it’s a good idea to snap off your browser and pick up your headset. Search is a one-to-one relationship-building process that requires you to make contact, develop trust, and gather intelligence, as you get closer to the right candidate.
For decades, executive search firms relied first on their own Rolodex of contacts, then on expensive commercial databases and name generation firms to fill in the blanks. Today, you can find virtually any public candidate
on the Web. Executives are in plain sight—and here are some places you’ll find them:

Meet Our Team”: Most companies publish senior management bios on their Web site.

Company press releases: Senior managers and executives are often quoted in press releases linked to the Web site. Sort through—you’ll find all kinds of senior managers and executives in PR about new products, alliances, financial performance, expansion, and more.
SEC filings: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) require key officers to be listed in public filings. You can search this database through a variety of gateways, including Edgar Online.

News: Business, financial, technical, and trade news sites all store archives of articles filled with executive names. Find the sites most appropriate to your search, head out, and see what’s there.

Events: Execs are often recruited to speak at major industry conferences and summits.

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