At the start of his search, Tom had identified some career alternatives. Let’s review his thinking. Over the years he had worked closely with management consultants several times, and the consultants had recommended things his company had then implemented. Management consulting was an activity he thought he would enjoy and be good at, and he preferred it to line supervision. He liked the variety of things that consultants were exposed to, so he considered consulting as one possibility.

Several good friends had bought businesses with limited capital, planning to pay off their obligation by increasing the profits of the company. Several had been successful with companies they bought or started. Tom envied them because he visualized they were their own boss, they ran their own show, and they were apparently free
from internal politics. He liked the idea of seeing whatever success he achieved accrue to him. He thought he could handle the hard work and the risk. Tom had run three large community activities, and his ideas and leadership brought good results. He got a lot of satisfaction from them. He felt he had the leadership skills to upgrade a business successfully if he could find an appropriate business to buy.

His other options were doing what he had done throughout his career, first as a marketing executive and then as a sales executive. He had filled several roles in both marketing and sales, so he understood what it took to be successful in both areas.

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