Attracting Executives

Executives are seasoned business professionals, and they presumably have a good sense of where they want to land next. At least they understand where their talents might take them—and know the market basket of industries, companies, and functions they fit best.
If you are a prominent company in an executive’s target industry, chances are they’ll visit, just to check you out. If you’re not a known contender, then keep polishing your brand and networking with your partners, board, industry, community, and customers until you are. Execs are looking for opportunities and opportunities have a buzz around them— whether a fast-growing market space, a new technology, or an interesting firm.
A company doesn’t have to be in the Fortune 500 to have a great brand story—it just has to have a key differentiator and a vision. Great execs can do the rest, and they know it. But your opportunity must be in their line of vision, and they’re not looking at banner ads or job postings.

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