There are many ways to make mistakes in a job search. Let’s look at some and learn how to avoid them.
Many job hunters hurt their chances by not planning carefully and not working vigorously. You can bypass that trap by using this book as a good outplacement counselor who is continuously at your elbow. Follow its instructions carefully. It will help you speed up the process and develop better options. Start your planning now.
A job search is strictly self-initiated. Many people will help when you approach them, but rarely will anyone volunteer. Your progress depends on your efforts. The sooner you move ahead aggressively on your preparation, the better off you’ll be.
Don’t count on promises. In the first week of his job search Fred got an interview with a well-established company in his industry. At the end of the interview, the interviewer said, “We’re extremely interested in you, Fred. I’m going to arrange for a second interview.” At the second inter view, the inter viewer said, “We want to hire you for this particular position. I just have to clear this with my boss, and I’ ll get back to y ou in a fe w days.” Fred
was very pleased, but never heard from this company again, and he got a cool reception each time he followed up. This happens frequently. So don’t count on anything until you have a firm offer, preferably in writing. Act as though the possibility doesn’t exist, and continue prospecting actively.

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