Changing Job? Smartly address these points first – By Talendrone


Most job hunters find that the transition to their new job goes quite well, but occasionally it doesn’t. It’s already been pointed out that a new job doesn’t work out more often than people think. This situation is obviously very serious, and it’s important that you don’t compound the apparent mistake by making another. So if your job choice may be a bad mistake, proceed cautiously but deliberately. What are the adverse and unexpected issues that have come up?

The answer is, Develop a correction plan and work at it. Take several months before you act. Discuss the situation with one or two trusted friends.

Before changing your job, Bear in mind that one frustrating year out of a 40-year career isn’t catastrophic. All people have ups and downs in their careers, even those who are most successful. Also realize you can develop valuable skills to make you more effective in the future by hanging on in a tough situation and learning how to make the best of it.

If you do decide to leave, expect to start from scratch in putting together another job search. You’ll find that some of the people who supported you most in your just-completed search won’t help you again. Some people leave a new job after just a few months, however, and they find with a new, aggressive search a more suitable job.

If after careful consideration, you decide you want to leave, it’s likely that your boss also feels that hiring you was a mistake. Also this black eye for him is something he wants to handle delicately, without compounding the mistake. Of course, he may react that he wants you to leave immediately, but he may accept your suggestion
that you stay on as a consultant for several months and have a reasonable amount of time off for your new job search. This compromise may be the best way out of a bad situation for both of you.

Last but not the least, No Boss want to hear that you are leaving company because of him or her so confronting issue with the Boss is not going to help you in any ways.


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