Consulting – By Talendrone

This career option is very attractive to many because it is easy to get into, it can be started very quickly, and it usually requires little capital. Sometimes people being laid off are asked to consult for their former company, which gives them a start. Most, however, have to start from scratch. Start by doing some self-assessment: What are
your most marketable skills and experiences? You’ve already worked through this same self-assessment process, but now you should review the results relative to your considering consulting. Particularly useful is talking to other consultants, preferably in competing fields, who can give you tips on how best to position yourself, what kinds of
companies offer the best potential, what are the principal problems you’re likely to encounter, and how to cope with them. Most consultants take three to five years to achieve an income comparable to their last salary and fringe benefits.

In your research, talk to some people who tried consulting and didn’t stick with it. Most quit because they couldn’t generate acceptable income, but often there are other reasons too.

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