Job hunting by the major breadwinner in the family affects each member, but differently. A nonworking spouse or partner is particularly vulnerable. An understanding spouse or partner can be a great asset in a job search. Discuss the job search frequently and be candid. Develop a good give-and-take about the future, about your and your
partner’s feelings, your finances, your progress in the search, the possibility of moving to another location, and the interests of any children. Have this kind of chat at least every couple of weeks. The spouse has little control over the job search but is very much affected by it. The spouse may find a confidant helpful, especially one who is the spouse of a former job hunter.
It’s important for the job hunter and partner to express their love for each other frequently during this stressful time. Spend time together. Have fun together. Socialize, exercise, or just hang out.
Point out that people lose their jobs frequently today, through no fault of their own. Explain that you did a good job, but you got laid off anyway. Furthermore, explain that it’s your goal to minimize the upset of the job change and that you’re trying to find a job locally. Also tell them it often takes a long time to get the “right” job, and accepting something less might possibly make all the family losers.

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