As you network, do blind prospecting, and go to job interviews, you realize that you’ve seen some people who stand out as having been particularly helpful. Try to develop a continuing relationship with these contacts. As an interview is drawing to a close, every contact wants to ease you out and get on with his or her next commitment.
Thank him, say how valuable the meeting has been, and ask if you can call in about a month. Most people will say yes even though you may not get through when you actually call. Within a day of the interview, hand-write a brief thank-you note to be courteous and build a continuing relationship.

After you’ve seen each referral, say, Sam Taylor, drop the original contact, Gerry Fulton, a note (handwritten or e-mailed) to relate the result of the meeting with the referral, and again express appreciation. This practice is a low-key way of keeping your name before the contact, shows your professionalism, and may make it easier to
get additional help from this contact again. The more favorable the impression you make, the more likely you’ll get more help. The contact will let you know if you’re overdoing it.

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