Diversity Recruiting on the Web

Diversity recruiting is not only a political and social imperative, it is a fundamental process for offering opportunities and gaining market knowledge and perspectives across our landscape of cultures. As we address a global marketplace of rapidly emerging economies, and an ever-more-diverse domestic economy, market-leading companies understand how important it is to recruit and hire an equally diverse workforce.
Finding and attracting the best diversity candidates are not easy tasks. There is tremendous competition for those who have clearly excelled— while it is often difficult to surface those with similar potential through a traditional search process. Because of these dynamics, it is absolutely critical that your company embrace diversity as a core principle, not as a quota driven task. A body of the best leaders and business thinkers in the world originated in diverse communities—our job is to find them on the Web.

Diversity recruiting focuses on populations of minority race, color,religion, gender, national origin, physical or mental handicap, age, or sexual orientation.

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