Do you need to use more than one recruitment company?

freelance-recruiter-talendroneEmployers often ask us if they should be using more than one recruitment company. Well the simply answer is that if you are using the right recruitment company you shouldn’t need to employ more than one to find you quality candidates.

But how do you know if the recruitment company you are using is the right one for your staff recruitment needs? With Talendrone you don’t need to wonder. We are specialists in IT recruitment and our online recruitment platform gives you access to the best recruiters around the country all sourcing great quality IT candidates all of whom you have access to in one easy to use online system. With hundreds of independent recruiters and agencies on our platform, your hiring requirements will go to all the expert recruiters in your field instead of a few recruiters you know.

With Talendrone you have access to the best online tools to increase efficiency, improve the quality of candidates and reduce your recruitment costs. With our revolutionary software you can access hundreds of active and passive candidates. Our unique algorithm means you won’t end up sifting through piles of unsuitable candidates. The system will filter out unsuitable candidates saving you both time and money.

We have three recruitment packages for you to choose from and they each offer potential employers many benefits. The benefits of our Platinum Package include:

  • A flat 10% commission (+VAT) payable for all hiring.
  • NO monthly retainer fees or other hidden costs.
  • You will be given a single point of contact account manager who will liaise with the hundreds of recruiters on the site to deliver you quality candidate profiles.
  • You can post an unlimited number of jobs.
  • Your jobs will be posted on over 100 of the UK’s top job boards.
  • All your job vacancies will be shared on all relevant social media.
  • You will receive detailed management reports and analysis.
  • We have built-in self-learning programmes to analyse and improve the quality of all responses.

It only takes a few minutes to set up an Employer Account on Talendrone and there is nothing to pay until you actually hire someone – meaning you know exactly what you’ll be spending.

If you’d like more information on any aspect of the revolutionary Talendrone system just call us on 0208 1503 682 or visit our Platinum web page and watch the video.

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