Driving Grads to Your Jobs

Just as job seekers at Monster are more likely to click on a job from a name brand company like Microsoft or Coca-Cola, Web surfers are most likely to search for Fortune 500 or other companies with strong brand and market recognition.
Many major corporations are getting well over 50 percent of their daily Web traffic from job seekers. If your company is already one of these, you should have a ready supply of students and grads in the mix. If not, start by
building relationships with the right on-campus career centers. Once you’ve built a pipeline to the colleges you’ve selected (whether by major, affiliation, or location)—then move your traffic campaign to the Web.
Career-starters are all over the big three job boards—and there are a variety of niche boards designed specifically for different kinds of college students and recent grads. As with general candidates—select one or two of
the big boards, and a handful of college niches, and give the package a try.

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