Evaluating Your Personal Characteristics

Personal characteristics are so important that they often elevate one candidate among several with equivalent technical skills. Personal characteristics sought after are the ability to think under pressure, enthusiasm, flexibility, the ability to lead, and growth potential. Your universal skills, elicited by the questions listed below, apply to all jobs regardless of level and type.
Undoubtedly, a prospective employer will evaluate you on some of them:

Would you get projects done on time, within budget?

Are you likely to be resourceful? Will you find solutions to critical problems when others don’t?

Will helping your boss accomplish his or her goals be a top priority?

Would you expect and forestall problems, rather than just react to them?

Is keeping your boss well informed without wasting his or her valuable time one of your priorities?

Do you communicate well?

Are you likely to be loyal?

Are you likely to hit the ground running?

Are you likely to come up with useful ideas?

Would you perform well on a high-priority task for which you were the best person available at the time, even though your credentials for it are weak?

Will you work well without close supervision?

How long are you likely to stay?

Would you follow through?

So be prepared to describe an experience that exemplifies each characteristic. In an actual interview, you would probably ask what three or four characteristics the Hiring Manager considered most important. You would then give him or her an example of experiences you’ve had when those characteristics were pivotal to your success.

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