Expanded PARs

PARs are the principal way you communicate your experience through your accomplishments. You may find it necessary to expand them to demonstrate the skills involved:
PAR: Developed and conducted an attitude survey that led to improved supervision and overcame low morale, reducing shift absenteeism from 17 to 6 percent.
Expanded PAR: At a time when our main plant of 1600 was working a lot of overtime, morale had deteriorated and absenteeism had increased to 17 percent. Initiated the idea of an attitude survey, which was approved by the operations committee.
The results of the survey of all blue- and white-collar employees showed a wide variety of complaints and the feeling that management was generally unresponsive to them. Developed and conducted a training program for first-line supervisors so that within several months, there was marked improvement in morale and absenteeism dropped to 6 percent.
A strong list of PARs is excellent preparation for writing a winning resume.

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