Finding the Right Domain

As we look at each type of destination site, we’ll discuss ways to find them. But what if you already know (or find more) names of target companies, colleges, or organizations—but don’t know how to find them on the Web? One way is to just search the name in Google—the name you are looking for will usually be among the first results.
As we’ve discussed, each Web site is registered with a unique domain name and URL. These domain names are stored in a public database,and a number of sites offer searchable access to them. However, the easiest way to find the domain of a company, college, organization, or other site you’re searching for, is to just search the name in Google, where you’re most likely to find it quickly.
It’s time to take our search process to each type of site, understand what we should be able to find there, and then do some sample searches.

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