Flipping College Sites

Let’s take a fast look at who is linked to Big College from the outside. We can use exactly the same search string, except we’ll change the X-ray fields command (host:) to the Flip Search field command (resume OR cv OR bio OR
“home page”) AND (“software engineer” OR developer OR “software architect”).
That was a good search! The fourth result on the first page is an Alumni Directory from an affiliated college, with over 700 names, titles, companies, and e-mail addresses. We have over 500 resumes for software engineers—the vast majority of whom are almost certainly passive candidates. We’ve also found at least one alumni directory
with 700 more passive candidates—and chances are there are lots more where that one came from.
In the interest of brevity, we’ve jumped right over X-raying and Flipping colleges for people pages—but the commands are virtually identical to those we used to search companies. Try a few, and you’ll find just as many (in fact, probably more) lists, directories, and other “people” documents inside, and linked to colleges.
Colleges, universities, and alumni sites are great places to find passive candidates. Go through the front door, side door, and back door—and you’ll be tapping into untouched pools of terrific people.

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