FREE Application Tracking System (ATS)


Say hello to our FREE Application Tracking System on cloud, one of our contributions to the IT and IT recruitment communities

At Talendrone, we’re proud to be part of the vibrant recruitment communities, and that’s why we’re heavily investing in it – to enable us to better help our customers. Taking an active role in recruitment conversations has allowed us to better understand the challenges that you and your business are facing, and for many of you it’s clear that one of the biggest challenges is managing and coordinating recruitment process through emails.

With our Application Tracking System (ATS) you’ll be able to: post jobs to all your social networking portals, post jobs to us and other recruitment agencies you deal with, post jobs to all the job boards which support auto job post, receive application responses through all the channels, automatic candidate rating, live chat with candidates and all your vendors, collaborate with your internal team, view detailed multi dimensional reports related to progress of recruitment.

Our Free Application Tracking System supports up to two administrators, 100 vendors, and team of up to 100 HR People. Need more info on this?

Why not call us on +44 (0) 02079530250 or email me at





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