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When it comes to decision of taking intra company transfer or staying in your company here are few points you want to consider

A lateral move within the same company can have lots of advantages. As per data collected by Talendrone about 10 percent of its clients end up accepting jobs with the company that recently fired them. In almost half the cases, the individuals have ended up with more responsible jobs and higher salaries. The outplacement program was a big factor in identifying these clients’ skills and goals and improving their ability to sell themselves.

If you decide to seek another job, start by asking yourself the question, “Is there another job within the company that would satisfy my needs?” In most instances, there isn’t, but sometimes there is. If you’ve identified a particular area in your company that you think might be a better fit, talk to a key person in that function whom you’re on good terms with. Prepare for this meeting as you would for a job interview. Explain your interest and your thoughts as to why you could be effective in the other functional area. Here again, be patient, but an offer might come in time.
If you want to change your functional area, say, from operations to finance, your best chance is to move within your company rather than changing to a new company.

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