Use your network to find a good job hunting workshop. Test several to find one with the kind of resources you want and a positive atmosphere. Usually they have a weekly meeting that can be instructive. Ask the head of the clinic for names of some of the successful graduates, particularly those in your field, and network with those people. Get to know other participants in the workshop who may know other people in your field, but stay away from participants with negative attitudes.
Develop a buddy system with a couple of impressive job hunters. Meet every two weeks for a cup of coffee and exchange ideas, names of people to contact, solutions to particular problems, and moral support.

Exec-U-Net is a quite comprehensive job support activity that offers a variety of services for a fee:
Job listings Contact with thousands of executive recruiters Frequent networking meetings in major metropolitan areas For more information. You might find it useful to explore its services at one of their local workshops or through your network.
Get a list of useful Internet sources for jobs, company research, bulletin boards, and chat rooms. Some can be very useful, others a waste of time. Get advice from your network on the most helpful ones. Limit surfing, which can be a tremendous time waster.

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