Getting Started – By Talendrone

Be ready for surprises. You may have misunderstood things that were told to you in interviewing or some of your assumptions may have been wrong. Lots of issues were covered. Usually such misunderstandings aren’t critical. It’s best to accept them as is—you’ll probably lose more than you stand to gain if you make an issue of any of them.
You must demonstrate you’re a good choice:
Try to get along with everybody.
Work hard to cooperate with others.
Show that you’re a hard worker and produce useful results.
Be prepared to do more with less help—that’s the way things are these days.
Settle in quickly, but defer important decisions until you understand the culture and the real needs.
Do simple assignments well. Very soon, you’ll be working on your program and bigger projects.
Come in early and stay late.
Be on the lookout for opportunities in which you can make a special contribution unobtrusively without stepping on the wrong people’s toes. Also be ready to step in and deal with emergencies.

All areas of a company have their “inner circle.” Those selected have a preferred role; they’re involved in key meetings, are sought after for advice, and are given special assignments. Unobtrusively, cultivate rapport with your boss and the other members of his or her inner circle, but make sure you don’t step on toes doing it.

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