The several weeks you’ve spent thoroughly preparing is now about to pay off. You’ve clarified your objective and priorities, written a strong resume, listed and prioritized your contacts, and prepared for interviews.
Now is the time to apply your new skills and improve them. Make your job search your top priority. Fit your personal activities (chores, doctor’s appointments, and so on) around the disciplined campaign you must conduct.
Fill up your calendar as soon as you can—a minimum goal of seven appointments a week. You’ve seen how to improve your skills in getting interviews with people and in making a favorable impression on them.
In an early morning meeting, Tony Nagarro told me he had to leave at 9:30 because he had five more appointments that day. Three weeks later, Tony called to say that he had two excellent offers. Sustaining the number of appointments at a high level is a full-time job:
It takes a lot of time to call (usually repeatedly) to set up appointments,to commute to and from them, participate in them, research the companies, send out thank-you notes, and critique each interview. But getting to see a lot of key people is doable and a key to completing a successful search in a reasonable time.

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