Some people describe job hunting as “selling y our self.” There’s no question this is a key aspect of the process. In selling yourself, you inevitably get rejected a lot. Even those who are highly sought after get rejected. Adding this rejection to your negative feelings about leaving your last job can discourage you. Think of rejection as a bump in the road, and remember that you’re moving in the right direction. When facing a job search, which is difficult under the best of circumstances, many job hunters undersell themselves. A key feature of this book is that it can help you develop skills to overcome this tendency and help you become a more effective job hunter.
When you first tried to ride a bike, you probably fell off many times. Through trial and error, eventually you learned how to stay on it. A month or two later you were probably racing your buddies.
Similarly, when you made your first presentation to a boss, you probably made mistakes, but, over time, as you made more presentations, you got more convincing. Now you’re job hunting—which is something you’ve probably done several times before. But this time, because you’re now mid career, it’s tougher. Many of the jobs you seek have been eliminated, so there’s more competition for the few remaining jobs.

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