Go Through the Front Door

College Web sites are designed to sell the campus to prospective students and their parents—so you’re liable to find lots of admission requirements, photos, maps, and tours. But we’re looking for people— and for links that can take us to them.
Remember, many colleges and universities often include several separate schools or have more than one campus. These may all have pages in sub domains of the main college server, or be scattered across Web sites with their own domain names and URLs. Make sure you are searching across the right schools for:

Programs and departments: These links will often take you inside to meet professors, visiting academics, researchers, and more. Department pages are also good places to find links to projects that are annotated with names, or contain jargon that can be turned into keywords for your search.

Research papers: Your target companies may be sponsoring research projects for companies in your industry, or professionals in your industry may be named as references or experts.

Alumni tools: This is pay dirt for most recruiters—you might find a directory, an alumni newsletter with names, titles, and companies, or a list of officers, directors, and chapter heads. Remember, one of the primary functions of an alumni organization is to network and provide opportunities to its members—so don’t be shy about calling
these contacts to see if they can help you with your search.

Fraternities and sororities: These organizations are filled with people who remain loyal throughout their professional careers. Look for “people pages” and links to the national Web site—where there are certainly more profiles, biographies, and ways to get in touch with members.

Student home pages: These days, many students are older and more mature and bring business skills to college with them. You may find seasoned professionals who have returned to finish a degree, or grad school students who already have terrific business experience. If there’s a link to profiles or home pages, go take a look.

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