Going Through the Front Door

Companies tend to leave lots of people information lying around in plain sight. There may be links to the executive team, to a host of press releases that name project managers and marketing folks, to a roster of salespeople in each region, and more. As you go, keep your eyes peeled for white papers, PDFs, research, and annual reports, too.
The best way to hunt through the pages is with a site map, if one is provided. If there is an on-site search engine, try some “people” words, and some titles, to see what pops up. Or, just spend some time going
through promising links and looking around.
It’s a good idea on this first visit, to browse through the job board and product sections for keywords. What do they call their technologies, products, and service lines? These are usually great keywords. What titles do they use? What positions are they advertising for, and what skills are required? Along with the company’s name, these are the kinds of words candidates will use to describe themselves inside and outside on home pages and resumes.

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