In the last two decades, the amount of job and outplacement counseling has increased greatly. Most people find job counseling helpful, although some individuals have had bad experiences. Sometimes the failures are because the job hunter doesn’t work hard or resourcefully enough at using what the counseling could provide. Fortunately,
poor experiences are far outnumbered by those who have found their counseling to be valuable, often extremely so. Given the financial risks of a job search in mid career, counseling may be a wise investment. A good counselor can speed up the process of getting a new job, of evaluating job options, and finally of making a sensible choice.
The best outplacement services guide you in several activities:
Reviewing your experience, job objective, and priorities to help you identify your best options
Presenting your accomplishments in the best way in a resume, in a cover letter, on the phone, and in interviews
Developing strategies and techniques for finding job leads by approaching recruiters, the Internet, network contacts, and companies directly Improving skills in dealing with problems and tough questions
Demonstating how to use the Internet and other sources to find job openings, help, and information on companies
Improving techniques of telephoning, interviewing, networking, and blind prospecting
Providing a sense of belonging with others in similar circumstances, which can often can be mutually beneficial as people exchange leads, ideas, and resources
Providing access to their successful client alumni and alumnae
Evaluating and negotiating offers and making the final decision

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