Here is how you manage your internal referral program



Before starting to manage your internal referral program you would need to understand why referrals are most effective way to hire people?

Referrals are the most cost-efficient and quickest way to find and retain “right talent for your company”.  By correctly understanding the real definition of Talent you would understand that performance of a particular person with one company could be different to that same person’s performance in other company. If you have an engaged and effective workforce, then there is a huge benefit in encouraging and rewarding employees to recommend people they think will fit into your culture.

Here are a few things you should do to help make your internal recruitment drive a success:

  • Capture it - You need to make sure your referral software captures skills of all your employees. This is a must for all large organisations but very effective for SMEs as well. Thi helps you market your requirements in a right way without SPAMing all your employees for every ob opportunity you have.
  • Plan it - You would see many companies offering just £250 pounds to their employees for referring somebody and at the same time paying 15% commission to the recruitment agencies to source candidates from the market.  You need to evaluate your cost of recruitment and make sure that the referral money is reasonable for your employees to buy in o your program. Make your programme as professional as other elements in your company. Invest in the promotion, education and maintenance and include senior managers as participants, sponsors and promoters.
  • Market it – Automate internal skill based referral sourcing. Ease of referring employee matters a lot. Promote your referral scheme aggressively so employees don’t think it’s just another company initiative that has no impact on them. Market referral success stories. If they see and hear the benefits, they will be more likely to get involved.

Talendrone is world’s most advanced candidate referral platform. You can seek employee referrals effectively through our referral platform and in addition to efficiently receiving employee referrals you would also receive quality referrals from thousands of independent specialist recruiters and thousands of similarly skilled people on our database, all this for just £200/Month.

For more details, email or call +44 (0) 2079530250

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