Improve your work life balance – become a freelance recruiter


The number of freelance recruitment consultants is rapidly growing across many industry sectors & several countries – including U.K. More and more people are becoming self-employed as a way of earning extra money and improving their work life balance. In today’s advancing technological world, it is becoming a reality for ever growing numbers of recruitment specialists.

As the concept has recently moved into full stream we have tried answering few questions you would have before taking up freelance recruiting. Feel free to comment on the post should you have more questions.

Why I am hearing so much about freelance recruiting nowadays?

Many businesses are looking to save money where they can and recruitment is an area where significant savings are on offer. A freelance recruiter can provide the same level of service as an employee or a recruitment agency but at a lower cost to the business. This has created huge demand in freelance recruitment

Why should I become Freelance Recruiter?

Freelance Recruiting is a great way to both earn money and improve your skills while doing that.  It is more convenient than working part-time because you can work from home, avoid the amount of time you waste in traffic, avoid hassles of office politics and lets you be your own boss and set your own hours of work. It is especially beneficial for those recruiters who are currently working somewhere else but want to utilise their extra time over evenings or weekends to earn more money. By utilizing your recruitment consulting skills & candidate hunting experience, it’s a great way to dip your feet in an industry and practice your skills without committing to a full-time position. Your freelance recruitment projects can be a great resume booster.

When is the good time to become freelance recruiter?

The answer is, right now!!

Working as freelance recruiter does not cost you anything. It would take a while for you to get use to working as freelance recruiter & right now there are very less number of freelance recruiters doing part time work which means the market has hundreds of thousands of commission to offer to available freelance recruiters. So, if you are currently looking out for job or want to start your second income. It’s just a matter of registering in platforms like as freelance recruiter & start working. You can cancel your account anytime you like to stop freelancing.

How can I start freelance recruiting?

UK’s biggest online freelancing recruitment company is Talendrone.  Many other freelance companies work as market place between you & employers but we believe that’s very complicated way to start & operate on, Talendrone is broader in terms of variety of freelance recruitment jobs.  Sign-ups for Talendrone is simple and it just takes two minutes to fill out registration form & your accounts does not take very long to get approved as long as you have decent linkedin profile & have entered your correct contact number.

Where can I learn more about freelance recruitment?

The best way to learn about something is to start doing it & when you have nothing to loose then this should be the only approach. You can read about working as freelancer or how to work as freelance recruiter on our blog or many other websites but still we suggest registering on Talendrone & exploring freelance recruiter FAQs there should clear most of your doubts. There are also some helpful YouTube videos on the Talendrone channel.

So, If you want to be your own boss or work from home or need flexible working hours you or need to upgrade your recruitment skills you can get started by registering on Talendrone

Using Talendrone

Online recruitment portal Talendrone, provides freelance recruiters with a great tool to match their candidates to jobs across the UK all in one place.  You can submit your candidates’ CVs in a matter of minutes, with our reporting system you can see the status of all your jobs and the amount you have earned all in one easy to use system. The portal is completely free for recruiters to use and we will support you to help you deliver your best service to your clients.

Our recruiter records are securely stored and all information sent is encrypted to provide security and privacy.

To create your free Freelance Recruiter account on Talendrone visit the Talendrone website 


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