Usually a single company or a group of companies holds a job fair to seek lower-level specialists who are in short supply and high demand, such as hospital, technical, bio medical, and computer special-ists. Sometimes large companies hold job fairs for many positions, some of which are less specialized. Attending a couple of job fairs
can be useful. You may get information on companies that are expanding rapidly.

Your attending may not lead to any job interviews, but it’s an opportunity to identify some companies that are expanding, to get background information on them as well as product literature. You’ll probably get only a few minutes of the company representative’s time unless you have the strong skills they’re looking for. Make sure you
get his name and phone number so you call him in a couple of days to try to get a longer interview. This may not lead directly to your being seriously considered, but it may provide good background information to prepare a strong target letter to the head of your function in the company. Expanding companies usually have needs in
other areas.

Such an event also provides opportunities to network with other attendees. This can be useful in identifying several companies that may have potential needs, sources of help, and so on, and possibly finding a new “buddy.”

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