Now let’s determine your job goals, which consist of two items:

Your job objective. The term your objective is conventionally used to mean your answer to questions like “What do you want to do?” or “What are you looking for?”

Your priorities. These are the five to seven criteria you use in making career decisions. Examples of these criteria follow:
• Stability of the company and the job
• Compatible work environment
• Compatible philosophy and values
Avoiding relocation
• Fair compensation with reasonable future prospects
• Your liking of the actual tasks and responsibilities of the job

In determining your job goals, asking the opinion of one or two carefully chosen friends and your spouse or partner of what they think would be most suitable may be extremely helpful. This is especially true at the three decision points in this process, so try to review your thinking with a trusted friend at each of them: self-assessment and
determining your priorities, alternative career analysis, and alternative job analysis.

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