Job Responsibilities and Environment

You’ll do best and be happiest in a job that is consistent with your personal interests and values and that emphasizes your strengths and deemphasizes your weaknesses. In mid career, you can narrow or broaden your responsibilities in your field. You can seek new challenges.
Take this opportunity to question yourself about the options:
Are you happier in a big company or a small one?
Are you happier in a stable, conservative company or a riskier small company or startup?
Are there particular industries that you are well suited for or that you should avoid?
Do you prefer to be in a staff or a line role?
Would you rather be a specialist in a particular field or have broader management responsibilities?
What kind of people (particularly your boss) would you prefer to work with or avoid?
How important is the company’s prestige?
How important is your title?
How important are good chances for promotion?
What kind of management style are you happiest under: loosely or highly structured?
What sorts of risks are you willing to take?
Is developing opportunities now for after retirement important to you?

You may be offered a job in a troubled situation, which probably entails considerable risk. Many people get in trouble on their jobs, not because of their own incompetence but because of circumstances beyond their control. When a company is unstable, the performance standards for key people are ordinarily higher than they are in a stable company. For example, the more volatile the situation, the more likely you are to get a new boss with different expectations, jeopardizing your position.

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