Occasionally, someone well along in a career may consider changing to a job in a different functional area in the company, for example, from Operations to Sales. To switch areas successfully, a person must be well thought of in the company and have particular skills that apply in the other activity. It’s very unlikely that an experienced person can make a career change by joining another company, without doing so at a lower level than their previous job.

Fred Macomber was the Chief Engineer of a company that had about half of its business in custom-designed equipment. Over the years, Fred became more and more an administrator, which took him away from his great love of solving complex engineering problems. The company had a major sales engineering function, which backed up the sales force by developing products designed to meet special customer needs. When this Chief Sales Engineer role opened up,
Fred was a natural choice for it, leading to his spending the rest of his career in this satisfying activity. Sometimes such a move means a cut in salary and authority, but for some such a side wise move is a
good choice.

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