Monitoring Your Demeanor

Learn to deal with the feeling of being out of the loop. All job hunters feel this this way to some extent. The best antidote is to keep a full calendar and to continually improve getting yourself across.
Be an intelligent listener and a brief talker. Let the interviewer do two-thirds of the talking. A senior vice president of one of the largest executive recruiting firms in the country sits in on most first interviews between a client and a candidate. He has noticed that most employers are turned off by candidates who do most of the
talking. Conversely, he has noticed that many interviewers are favorably impressed by candidates who let the interviewers do most of the talking. Sometimes an interviewer says, “I was impressed by this candidate, although I admit I have quite a few unanswered questions about her.”

In an interview, always conduct yourself as if you’re interested. Don’t lounge in your chair. Sit on the front of it, and lean forward to project interest and alertness. Look the interviewer straight in the eye fairly frequently. Try not to act wooden. Smile, because you’ll come across in a less perfunctory and more human way, even on the phone. Leave a voice mail message with a friend or two, and ask them what their reaction to your message is.
Use “sales improvement” tapes or CDs. It’s easy to listen to them in your car.

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