When you get an offer, consider whether or not to try to upgrade it. Most companies are used to this negotiation, but occasionally a company gets upset and withdraws the offer. Negotiating with a future employer on compensation can put you in a delicate position. In buying a house or a car, your involvement with the seller is only on that particular transaction. In the case of a job, however, you are negotiating with those who you’re going to work closely with if you accept the offer.

After you’ve made your sweep of possibilities and have gotten better insight into the company, you may want to request a meeting with the Hiring Manager to improve the offer. The HM may think you have a lot of things you want to negotiate, so right off, you should name the few key items you want to discuss to put him at ease and increase the chance that each item will get serious consideration.

To make the best impression, express genuine enthusiasm about the company, its people, and the job. If you do that, it may help somewhat to get the best concessions. Before you get into salary negotiations you should determine the minimum that’s acceptable. Never ask for a salary lower than what you had before. Try to learn the salary range for the position.

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