Parents involvement in choosing career : By Talendrone

When it comes choose right career most of the time people got advice from their parents. Parents give advice on the basis of their on experience. It has been observed children often get forced to choose a carrier advised by their parents. There can be so many reasons behind this, may be parents wanted to be the same but he was not able to do so, or their children can be earn good amount of money if he/she opt for the same what he advised.

We should always understand that when we advising our next generation about the career till the time
so many new career options available as well that older generation might not be aware or not understand the scope of it.

It does not mean parents should not advise about the career. There are so many examples when people has the freedom to choose a career of their on own choice and they don’t have any idea where to move. They choose a career that does not excite them to grow further and starts feeling guilty for this.

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