You too must present your accomplishments most effectively. To help you, there’s an easy formula called PAR. For each of your accomplishments, answer the following three questions:
What was the Problem?
What Action did you take?
What was the Result?

For each of your principal accomplishments, write a PAR analysis. A PAR not only describes the responsibility you had but also your skill in handling it. This exercise helps you develop a bullet ed item for your resume and material for cover letters, phone conversations, networking, and job interviews. Keep your PAR worksheets for future reference because you may want to revisit this exercise.

Here are some pointers for developing your PARs into resume bulleted items:
Start each item with an action word
Use simple, understandable language with few technical terms.
Try to keep each item to two lines or less.
Describe obstacles you overcame.
Quantify your accomplishments (cost savings, increases in sales, quality, efficiency using dollars, percentages, etc.):

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