You’ve been invited for an actual job interview. Now you have an opportunity to use all your preparation and hard work to convince an employer of your strong experience. Make sure you’re carefully prepared:
Carefully research the company and, if possible, the Hiring Manager.
Review your PAR list, within the last two weeks.
Review your interview checklist.
Make a “failure analysis” on the upcoming interview, visualizing the principal things that could go wrong and how
you’ll cope with them.
Go over your list of tough questions and your answers.
Say to yourself, to become pumped up, “This is going to be my best interview ever.”
An interview runs from when you first meet the receptionist until you leave the building. A misstep with anybody, even the receptionist, can hurt you. The Hiring Manager is eager to hire somebody as soon as possible, which works to your advantage. Interviewing is time-consuming on top of all the other demands of his or her job.
Furthermore, the position needs to be filled for the manager to get the necessary work done.
As the candidate, your objectives in the interview are the following:
convince the Hiring Manager that you’re the best candidate.
assess whether this job is the best one you’re likely to find.
The objectives of the interviewer are to determine whether you have the experience, skills, and personality needed.
you’re likely to be the most effective of all the candidates for the position.
you’re likely to be a good fit with the rest of the company.
If you’re the best candidate, can you be persuaded to take the job?

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