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At all levels in your career, when you get settled within a month or two of starting your job, set aside some time to develop a plan for the next two years. To do this properly you need to see senior roles around you and decide which role you want to see yourself in coming years. Let’s assume it’s your Bosses job. Now, What are the specific experiences and skills that you need to hold down your boss’s job? Who’s an expert you might network with to fill in any gaps? What kind of reading should you do? It may be useful to discuss this with several of your peers at other companies because they’re undoubtedly contemplating the same issues. Are there courses or seminars to fill in deficiencies in your experience?

Break down your plan into goals you set for yourself, say, for the next quarter. Assess your quarterly goals the same way you assess your daily and weekly goals. At least every six months, review your long range goals to see whether they’re realistic. The failure-analysis tool is a good device for being realistic about your plan.

Nurture your best contacts by keeping in touch with them. Also work to expand your network specifically in the direction where you want to take your career to. Try to join the appropriate trade association, meetups, follow relevant linkedin groups & various related blogs. Regularly attend any meetings you can get with relevant people.

When there, mix with the group and exchange calling cards to broaden your acquaintances. Call the most useful members of your network at least twice a year, just to keep in touch and to exchange ideas that can be mutually helpful. Make this brief phoning part of your routine every week. Also, cultivate relationships with the head hunters you know. When asked for recommendations for candidates, make a real effort to be helpful, which can only improve their opinion of you and improve the chances of their contacting you if they see you as an attractive candidate for one of their searches.

Following this way will gradually give momentum to your career in the direction you want to and giving you far better competitive edge among your peers.


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