So far, you’ve done overall preparation for your job search. Now get ready to apply all this work to job interviews. This is the time to pull everything together including the research you’ll do on the company
so that you can put your best foot forward.

The key things an interviewer is trying to learn about you are your skills in dealing with the principal problems of the job and do you have the personal characteristics needed to be successful in the position (your drive, motivation, communications skills, determination, reliability, listening skills, analytical skills, ability to fit in and lead others, to name a few).

Your most useful tools are your expanded PARs. Take a few minutes every couple of weeks to make sure you’re using them most effectively in your interviews. If you find that one or two don’t seem to elicit the desired response, try varying how you present them.

Typically, interviewers start an interview by saying, “Tell me about yourself.” If the interviewer does not give you that opening, then volunteer, “Perhaps you’d like to hear something about me.” This is an opportunity for you to give your Two-Minute Introduction.

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