Mary Oxford was a lawyer who left her big, inner-city firm to move to the suburbs to raise a family. There she joined a firm where she did mostly routine real estate transactions with an occasional special project. On her original resume, buried in the detail was the statement, “Did the legal work for a 100-boat marina.” When questioned, here’s how she described this project:

Was asked by the owner to be the project manager for the construction of a $3.5 million dollar marina for 100 boat slips with indoor rack storage for 110 boats Was in charge of an eight-person team: an architect, a surveyor,
a structural engineer, an environmental consultant, and the contractors
Oversaw designing the facilities, estimating the costs, and putting the project out for bid
Successfully applied for 15 local, state, and federal permits; made a presentation on the project at the numerous public hearings
Obtained approval from the local planning board, building board, and conservation committee
Coordinated the construction phase, including the demolition, hazardous waste cleanup, dredging, and construction of the building, the million dollar seawall, and the marina.
Obviously this project entailed more than the single item she had described in her original resume. When she revised her resume to fully describe this marina project and a similar one, she got more and better interviews.

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