Pricing Your Services – By Talendrone

Your best guidance on pricing is sounding out your network of other consultants. Potential clients will make clear what they’re willing to pay for your services. Decide whether you’ll shave fees to get business. Your decision depends on how busy you are and your judgment. Probably the easiest clients to get when you start out are small and
startup companies. Unfortunately, these companies are ones who are probably the least willing to pay your established fee. You may even have difficulty collecting any fee. You may be offered a stock option in lieu of cash, particularly by a startup. It’s unlikely you’ll be as fortunate as Max Ernst, who several decades ago took half his fee for a modest job in the stock of a company with 10 employees. Today the stock is worth 1000 times what it was when he received it, several million dollars. He still has second thoughts over not having accepted
his total fee in stock.

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