Putting Your Resume in Print

You will need to buy high-quality paper for your printer before you print your finished resume. Regular office paper is not good enough for resumes; the reviewer will probably think it looks flimsy and cheap. Go to an office
supply store or copy shop and select a high-quality bond paper that will make a good first impression. Select colors like white, off-white, or possibly a light gray. In some industries, a pastel may be acceptable, but be sure
the color and feel of the paper makes a subtle, positive statement about you.
Nothing in the choice of paper should be loud or unprofessional. If your computer printer does not reproduce your resume properly and produces smudged or stuttered type, either ask to borrow a friend’s or take your disk (or a clean original) to a printer or copy shop for high-quality copying. If you anticipate needing a large number of copies, taking your resume to a copy shop or a printer is probably the best choice. Hold a sheet of your unprinted bond paper up to the light. If it has a watermark, you will want to point this out to the person helping you with
copies; the printing should be done so that the reader can read the print and see the watermark the right way up. Check each copy for smudges or streaks. This is the time to be a perfectionist—the results of your careful
preparation will be well worth it.

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