Make a comprehensive list of the most significant accomplishments
of your career, using career in its broadest sense. Start with college,
both your academic and extracurricular activities and summer jobs.
Include summer jobs, each regular job, and community activities.
From this list, select 15 to 25 of your most notable achievements.

Accomplishments typically result from the following activities:

Reducing costs by introducing procedures, improving work flow, or decreasing overhead
Increasing sales by opening up new markets, getting existing
customers to buy additional or new products, improving customer relations
Improving quality by decreasing rejects or getting suppliers to improve their products
Using assets better by increasing inventory and turnover, improving collections
Motivating employees by improving incentive systems, communicating better
Improving productivity by improving training, upgrading recruitment, offering better incentives
Introducing technology by upgrading computer systems, improving machine tools

Looking at the changes that affected each job helps you remember the things you did on that job. For each of these changes, ask yourself what changes occurred in your work and what your resulting accomplishments were. For example, four years ago Jane Foster became the Purchasing Agent. Several months later Bill Smith was moved over from Buyer of Raw Materials to Buyer of Subcontract Assemblies. A few months after that, Bill was asked to be department coordinator on the new quality control system. Jane’s appointment was a key change for Bill, leading to these two
changes in his duties.

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