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Recruitment Trends for 2017 What You MUST Know

As an HR manager or someone in charge of hiring, you don’t want to miss the recruitment trends that are taking place now. Being aware of them and embracing them could change the way you think — and act — when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent.

1.Data is more relevant than ever

Data is no longer a recruiting “fad” but something that many HR managers have learned to embrace while using it to attract and hire top candidates. HR technology can enhance the human aspect of recruiting – rather than eliminating it – while making it easier to assess the qualities of each candidate instead of just skimming the surface.

2.More investment in employee referral programs

Studies have shown that employee referrals are the best source for hiring top quality candidates, yet little money is budgeted to referral programs within a typical organisation. There are many benefits to having current employees identify potential candidates – including time saved in the hiring process, a higher resume to interview conversion rate, and the fact that referred hires usually outperform other employees and stay with the company longer.

3.Mobile is a must

Most top job candidates are pressed for time and are job hunting on the move, particularly via mobile devices. Companies that want to attract these candidates need to ensure that their web pages and job advertisements are optimised for display on mobile screens.

4.Brand is everything

Plenty has been made of company branding, and it will take on an even greater role in recruiting in 2017. The vast majority of hiring professionals believe that an employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to attract and hire quality job candidates. Research has shown that recognisable “brands” are more apt to be taken seriously by potential hires during the recruiting process. The question for recruiters then is “How are you making sure that your brand is constantly in front of future employees?”

5.An increased use of automation tools

As an HR manager, you’re juggling many roles and finding, assessing, and interviewing the most qualified candidates takes time. Automation tools that can help sift through hundreds of candidates and ease the burden of administrative tasks will become even more popular in 2017.

6.Improved candidate experience

Employers will continue to enhance the candidate experience through social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat. Candidates want to be spoken to by a real person, including by current employees who share their experience of working for a particular organisation.

7.Continued emphasis on increasing diversity

Diversity has become a major hiring focus at many large organisations (Facebook, Linkedin, Apple, etc.) and their influence is rubbing off on companies of all sizes. Whether it’s how you construct your job ads or how you interview potential employees, diversity is shaping every facet of the recruiting process.

8.Recruiting contingent workers

One big trend that’s gaining momentum is the recruitment of contingent workers. An increased number of companies are choosing to “rent” talent, even at the highest levels of management. Also, companies will continue to hire “boomerang” employees – those who have worked for the organisation before.

Recruiting trends are ever-evolving and embracing and understanding them can help you find and retain the highest-quality candidates in 2017.

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