Searching Destinations

Virtually every company, college, and organization has a Web site, and it is filled with documents that describe their mission, projects, and people. If these documents are hosted outside the firewall on a Web server linked to the Web, they are public documents. It’s as if the company, college, or organization posted those pages on a billboard in Times Square, for all to see.
Of course, it doesn’t seem that way to Web users or to the company, college, or organization that has published them. It’s hard enough for most of us to just get on the Web and find anything, let alone navigate all the way to some company site, understand that there may be pages inside it with no visible links to the outside world, then figure out how to get in there and read them.
So, companies, colleges, and organizations that publish documents on the Web just aren’t thinking about how recruiters (or other representatives of their competitors for that matter) might be able to use those pages, if they were to find them.
1. Find the right site: We’ll use directories, search engines, and vortals to pinpoint the right companies, colleges, and organizations.
2. Go through the front door: Most sites leave a lot of information lying around in plain sight. Rummaging around, following the links, and clicking through the site map can take you to great information and important clues—if you know what you’re searching for.
3. Go through the side door: X-ray the site and see what kinds of documents are inside but may not be linked or not accessible to the casual surfer.
4. Go through the back door: Flip Search the site and its key pages to see who and what are linked to them.
5. Find one, find them all: Use the clues you’ve gathered—names, emails, office addresses, more companies, colleges, organizations, other destinations, and new keywords—to drill farther into the Web and surface more passive candidates.

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