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For those of us who love to travel and more importantly love to be mobile. We don’t want our jobs to dictate where we live. We can pick projects and jobs that we are really interested in. Our home and office become one and allows us to travel as well. We are connected to the Internet, have laptops, and have cell phones & most importantly we have our skills, which we can use anytime. We can now work virtually while being able to be at home or  travelling or doing what we really want to do.

As a Recruiter you already posses the skills that are need to find the right candidate that match the job. You have experience, expertise and knowledge of how to carry out end to end recruitment. All you need is a platform where all this can be put to best use.  Platform like Talendrone through which you can focus on enhancing your skills and be able to have time for your interests and family by working virtually. You can now realize your dream of working at home (or anywhere in the world really).

I want to let you have all the details of remote/virtual work. I want you to know how to be able to work remotely and benefit from the vast ocean of wealth, Recruitment!

A virtual recruiter is usually an independent contractor, which means that you are responsible for setting up your own hours, managing your own taxes, creating a home office and working independently. Really NO BOSS!!!!

As a virtual recruiter you can use the most effective strategies, which can help find the right employees for a certain position. Strategies include: sourcing through websites, blogs, various job posting systems and social media sites. You work with Account managers who post jobs and you need to screen resumes, handle preliminary phone screens, interview (via telephone) negotiate salaries, conduct reference checks etc.

If you’re asking yourself “what’s the difference between an in-house recruiter and a virtual recruiter?” The answer is nothing. They both do the same job and provide the same level of service but a virtual recruiter works from home and home can be anywhere in the world. in house recruiters has a salary cap but guaranty that the salary they are committed will receive every month, but hang on, catch here is that they have to meet targets regularly & if companies situation changes then they get any ways fired. Actually, In today’s world there is no guarantee of anything.

What tools you need to trade – As an independent recruiter you need to create a home office. These are the basic things you will need:

  • A computer
  • High-speed internet
  • A professional email. Your “” will not cut it.
  • Long distance phone plan. Skype for all my long distance calls is best.

Commission – Most virtual recruiters are paid on a commission basis. This is great because you dictate how much your time and expertise is worth.

At last, Let me talk about what you would be trading off to get increase in income you & personal freedom

What you won’t get is – 

  • Having to meet incentives set by anyone other than yourself
  • Having to meet targets set by anyone but yourself
  • Having to fight traffic to work and back
  • Clock-watching
  • Being watched
  • Receiving a basic salary


If you need to talk to somebody who is doing freelance recruitment then contact me & will put you in contact with them!



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