More and more recruiting activities are conducted via Internet recruiting, using companies like Using the Internet is a useful way of looking for a job, particularly if you have widely sought after skills that are in short supply. Internet recruiting is growing rapidly because it results in a wide range of candidates for a wide range of positions. However, the DBM survey on how people have obtained their jobs shows that only 5 percent found them via the Internet. Nevertheless, this growth will continue. It’s absolutely essential in applying for a job via the Internet that your resume scan well.

The refinements necessary to be successful using the Internet are changing rapidly. Get advice from job hunters who have used it recently and successfully. Their guidance may be better than a book or article written a year to two ago. You can locate such people through your network, a workshop, perhaps a mini course, or an Internet chat room.

This advice applies equally to interviewing when you get a positive response to your resume. While the principles of being interviewed via the Internet are similar to those for a face-to-face meeting, the techniques are very different, and they are changing rapidly. Get advice on how to do it effectively from one or two people who have used it effectively.

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