Key points to crack interviews – The Introduction

Lot of people would say that all it takes is skills to crack interview and what Talendrone specialist recruitment team would like to point out that though skills can be partially judged in an interview but it takes bit more then that. Here are the soft skills do make difference in interviewer decision of “Rejection” ” Selection”

First of all be on time. it speaks volume about how professional you are in managing your time and respecting others.

You should greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake, This shows how confident you are in doing your job. I know in soem asian countries like India being soft spoken and “yes man” has been taken as sign of respect, but, in interviews you would need to delicately balance this with your confidence and ability to do work. You need to be aware at the end employers are looking for a person who can go their job and not who only gives them respect.

Try to select a chair where you can easily sit upright and where you don’t have glaring light or the sun in your face, Your posture of attending interview matters.

Engage in a few minutes of pleasantries about the weather, the traffic, or some topical event. Observe the interviewer’s office. Is the desk neat or cluttered? Do the pictures on the wall indicate a hobby? How is the interviewer dressed? Expect at the start a question like, “Tell me a little about yourself.” This opens the door for your Two-Minute Introduction. If you aren’t asked this question, volunteer, “Would you like me to tell you a little bit about myself?”

At the end of this introduction, you might say something like, “My objective is to help you find out all you want to know about me. How would you like to proceed?” The interviewer will probably ask you a question about your background or tell you something about the company and the job. Either way, as soon as you can, get the Hiring Manager to talk about the job and its requirements.

Bear in mind the interviewer usually forms a pretty definite impression of you in the first 10 minutes. Try not to over market your self by engaging customer in irrelevant topics but concentrate on what he really wants to ask.


Talendrone Team wishes you best of luck for clearing interviews!

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