The Two-Minute Introduction

I went to Wesleyan and then worked for three years for Trainer Securities on Wall Street. I got my MBA in 1995 from
Albany Business School. I joined Montgomery Plastics in Cleveland, where I was Assistant Controller for a company with about 3000 employees. Two years later, I was made Controller, and five years later, Chief Financial Officer. I held this role until we were bought out by Bailor Industries several months ago.

My background in finance involves a wide variety of activities, including arranging a $25 million IPO, overseeing the financial planning process and all the accounting and bank relations. While I was at Montgomery, the company grew at the rate of about 17 percent a year, with last year’s sales close to $70 million and profits of $3.5 million. I am known as a hands-on individual, a developer of strong people, a team player coming up with creative solutions, and someone with great determination.

That’s an overview of my career. At the outset, I want you to know I’m here to help you find out what you may want to find out about me.

Tape it and listen to it. Is it clear? Get it critiqued. Don’t memorize it; just familiarize yourself with the flow of it.

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