The visible market consists primarily of jobs that are being actively recruited for by executive and company recruiters, advertisements, and the Internet. It’s the most highly competitive market sector because
anyone can apply by merely sending a resume. Thus for a specific recruitment, you’re competing against a large pool of candidates. Professional recruiters have developed finely tuned methods of separating viable candidates from the vast majority they have no interest in and whose resumes just clog up their files. When they conduct a search, the recruiters screen the pool for the most promising candidates, and they interview that group, often starting
by phone, continually narrowing the field down to a few top choices whom they refer to the senior HR people and the ultimate decision maker for making the final choice.

To contend for jobs in the visible market, candidates must have strong backgrounds with the specialized experience being sought. This chapter shows ways to improve your chances in this visible market. Definitely try the visible market, but if you don’t get positive responses, put most of your effort into the hidden market, as described
in Chapter 7, “Networking,” and Chapter 8, “Blind Prospecting.” Many people spend too much time looking in the visible market and have expectations that are unrealistically high.

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